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Hey there!  My name is Lisa, and I am a reformed picky eater.  That’s right – I was that kid who used to drive my poor mom bonkers, insisting on the most banal meals like instant Cup Noodles or microwave pizza day after day.

Given my steady childhood diet of basic stir fries, frozen dinners, or takeout, I didn’t get much culinary practice until well into college.  While most people seem to say cooking is more intuitive than baking, for some reason I’ve always felt the opposite.  Perhaps because everything started, for me, with the sudden need to satisfy a cookie craving – and things just took off from there.

Fast forwarding to present day, I enjoy playing with recipes for everything from macarons to bread.  In addition to baking, I’ve also recently forayed into the world of cooking.  Often, my baking and cooking are attempts to recapture memories of a taste and time – tres leches cake from a friend’s birthday party, Taiwanese beef noodle soup from the last time I visited my grandmother.  Other times, I’m looking for a taste I’ve never had before – flavor combinations that I can’t find in any bakery or restaurant near me.

Born and raised in Southern California, nowadays I’m in New York City busy missing my family, working as a research assistant, and applying for medical school.  For me, my interests in medicine and baking have become entwined.  I love delving into the science behind making food and eating it, and community nutrition is a topic I’ve become steadily more passionate about.  I hope to become involved as a future physician in organizations promoting nutrition education for both healthcare providers and patients, as well as nutrition access for communities where the nearest supermarket might be miles away.

While I dream (and study), I will continue to bake and blog.  Though I personally don’t have any food allergies or follow specific diets, I want to encourage kitchen fun for as inclusive an audience as possible.  I will always post nutrition information on my recipes as well as include substitutions for common allergies or dietary needs whenever I can.


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